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Welcome to this site, and welcome to Winter!

This website has been born from the love of Ipswich’s Christchurch Park, and a brave step to document all living things inside the park’s 82 acres.

How to use this site
Whether you’re a local resident or tourist, you can use this site on-the-go to check out the creatures and plants where you walk.
You can also use our maps, and links to What 3 Words (download the app here), to find specific creatures in specific areas of the park.
The flora and fauna is more diverse than we might think!


This website is in its infancy, but over time, and with contributors, we hope to grow the information here, and continue to celebrate this beautiful space in Suffolk. Christchurch Park has brought much joy and much-needed connection with nature during lockdown, and more importantly, we need to document the biodiversity in Christchurch Park to protect what is here for future generations.
By documenting the biology here, we’re also taking a pulse-check on the health of local wildlife and potential threats by comparing our data year on year.

Check out our pages to find out more about the trees, mammals, wildflowers, birds as well as special seasonal gems!

Lady birds in monkey puzzle tree

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New find!

Fourteen-spotted Lady Beetle
Propylea quatuodecimpunctata

Spotted in Section 13 (see map) 
on 30th Aug 2021, by Betty Adamou